About Me

Hello! My name's Jaime, and I absolutely love books. I love the look of them, the feel of them, the smell of aged paper and the feeling of escape that can only come from a good story. I used to work as a bookseller at Borders before they went out of business, and my collection of books grew rapidly when I was working there, as has my knowledge of a grand selection of books and genres. I learned so much during my years at Borders, and my love for literature has only grown!

I also have a love for lolita fashion and pretty dresses, and spend as many evenings as I can dressed up in frilly clothes, sitting on a bench with a cup of tea and a lovely story. I've been dressing in lolita clothing for about 5 years, and am currently a part a local Lolita community, whom I love and respect as an extended family. Dressing in lolita clothing has taught me so much about myself and about the world, such as learning proper etiquette, poise, elegance, how to be respectful of others, and generally how to think outside of the box in all aspects of my life. I have also recently begun to dress in the steampunk style, which is a fashion trend based on a Victorian era of make-believe and powered by steam!

I got the name of my blog from one of my favorite albums, Olivia Lufkin's "The Lost Lolli." If you havn't heard her sing before, she is amazing and I highly recommend any one of her albums. Watch one of her music video below!

Sorry, I am not accepting books for review at this time, but feel free to contact me at thelostlolareads@gmail.com for other inquiries. Thanks!
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