Sunday, March 25, 2012

Novel Fashion >> Capitol Couture at The Hunger Games

Happy Hunger Games! I had the pleasure of seeing The Hunger Games this weekend with some friends, and of course we opted to dress in our craziest Capitol inspired outfits that would make Effie Trinket proud! We even had a lovely Katniss in our party, sporting her gem encrusted Interview Dress.

I was pleasantly surprised to find 99% of not just moviegoers, but people at the restaurant we went to afterwards knew we were dressed as characters from The Hunger Games. We all had such a blast designing and creating our own outfits and spending hours perfecting the hair and makeup. I chose to base my creation on the crazy Rococo styles of Marie Antoinette, using a combination of lolita fashion and modern pieces.

I used Effie Trinket's makeup design for the template for my own, and was applied by my friend, Christina using Tarina Tarantino, Urban Decay, and Coastal Scents makeup..

The finished design is a combination of the soft, pastel hues of Rococo era France, and the futuristic neon craziness of Panem's own Capitol. The dress is from Innocent World, the shirt from Double Zero, and the shoes were a painful purchase from Forever21.

The movie was fantastic, and stayed pretty true to the book. If you love the book series, you will also love the movie. There were a few subtle changes that were made, such as how Katniss obtains her Mockingjay pin as well as a brave move on the part of District 11, but nothing that deters from the integrity of the novels. The movie was a box office smash opening weekend, so be prepared for the rest of the series to make its way to the big screen! Just remember to bring lots of tissues to keep that wonderful makeup intact, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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