Thursday, April 5, 2012

Get the "Faye Robson" Look

The Harbinger Look

Taking our cues from Sara Wilson Etienne's novel, Harbinger, comes a look inspired by the cover photo. The designs for this image are derived from the Two of Swords tarot card, traditionally depicting a blindfolded individual holding two double edged blades, with the moon hovering in the background. In Harbinger, the two of swords tarot card has been altered to represent the Harbinger, who will decide the fate of humanity.

Although achieving this simple look should be a walk on the beach, I wouldn't recommend wearing the blindfold while trying to save the world. You can find fitted strapless black dresses in most clothing stores, as it's practically a staple in any girl's wardrobe, but why not try this Candlelit Dinner Date Dress , available from Modcloth for $57.99. The structured bodice on this dress is exquisite, with a sweet ribbon on the waist and a lace skirt overlay that screams "woman of mystery." Complete the look with these uniquely designed black pumps ($64.99), a pair of lacy red gloves  ($11.99), and a pair of crescent moon earrings ($11.99), all available from Modcloth.

Finish off your look with a silk ribbon mask for an authentic Harbinger feel, or a lacy mask for a more practical accesssory. You can make your own, or purchase one like this from Etsy.

I hope you've enjoyed my take on Harbinger's own little deviant, Faye Robson. How would you wear The Harbinger look? Show me your best Faye coordinates!

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