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"We rehearse in old leotards, threadbare tights, and torn leg warmers. We rarely buy new dance clothes because we know that most ballet careers are short-lived." Bunheads 

The Bunheads Look

The story of Bunheads takes place in modern day New York, where setting trends is a must. But for Hannah Ward and her friends at the Manhattan Ballet Company, time is spent devoted to strengthening their dance skills, not worrying about what to wear. Hannah has recently begun to wonder whether the amount of time she devotes to ballet is really worth giving up so many precious years of her early life, so she begins to branch out, seeking out other means of enjoyment. Of course, she meets the gorgeous and artistic NYU student and band member, Jacob, who teaches her how to enjoy the little things in life, and even takes her to the roof of an art museum a la 80s movie.

So although Hannah strongly desires to leave the life of a bunhead and attend school to study English, most of her life was spent in dressing rooms and dance halls preparing for performances. This week, I've created two looks for our bunheaded heroine, Hannah Ward. Of course, you can't make a bunhead look without drawing inspiration from a ballerina's costume, so here we have a casual ensemble based on the corps de ballet dancers.

Charming, no? I am currently obsessed with tights that have faux ribbons or faux thigh highs printed on them, they are so amazing! This dress, which is available from ModCloth, features a tight leotard-like bodice with a wide tutu-esque skirt, the perfect look for a ballerina out on the town. I am also in love with the new nail polish line from OPI, with colors inspired by the New York City Ballet. The colors they chose are so delicate and so deliciously pastel, just like the facade of the dancers who perform every night on stage.

OPI Nail Polish
The next look is very similar, but I wanted to create a lolita version for all of you Gothic Lolita dressers out there. For those of you who don't know, lolita is a fashion trend from Japan which is inspired by Victorian era clothing, gothic style clothing, and really anything that exudes cuteness or elegance. Here we have a lolita look also inspired by Hannah Ward.

This version is actually a rather subdued ensemble, but I wanted to create something that felt casual and delicate at the same time. I am especially in love with this suitcase trunk, available from Qutieland, that I imagine a lolita ballerina would bring to her dressing room, carrying all her workout clothing and accessories inside. Also, note the amazing Vivienne Westwood inspired Rocking Horse Shoes, a must have item for any lolita, and which just so happens to resemble a ballerina's dance shoes.

These shoes are available in pretty much any color you can imagine, and add the perfect touch to your bunhead inspired outfit. As an added bonus, they are much more comfortable than pointe shoes, and you can still stand on your toes in them. Although Hannah dreams of life outside the ballet, a good portion of her soul is still dedicated to dancing. A passion like that just doesn't fizzle out, so I imagine she would be quite taken with the looks I've created this week. So go out there and show me your best Bunhead's inspired outfit! Merde!

"Yes, we wear tutus and tiaras, but only when we perform each night. We spend most of our time hidden from the audience." Bunheads

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