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Snow White and the Huntsman
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Snow White and the Huntsman by Lily Blake
This year seems to be the year of the raven-haired, apple-eating beauty known as Snow White, and her equally infamous jealous stepmother, the evil queen. With the release of Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts in March, and the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Twilight's own Bella, Kirsten Stewart, and Thor himself (out in theaters this June), it's no surprise that fashion designers are taking their cues from fairy tales to create their own whimsical creations for 2012.

Mirror Mirror
Of course, when you are searching for wickedly over-the-top fairy tale themed outfits, look no further than the House of Alexander McQueen, which continues to churn out amazingly detailed, wearable works of art even after the untimely death of the designer's namesake. I fell in love with both of these pieces from the spring 2012 line, which reminded me of both the evil queen and the object of her hatred, Snow White.

Alexander McQueen, Spring 2012

Alexander McQueen, Spring 2012

I've also fallen in love with these unique sunglasses, courtesy of ModCloth. These are a much more casual piece, worn to bring out your inner Snow White on a day to day basis, and more affordable at only $11.99. Heart-shaped sunglasses are out, it's all about being the apple of your eye! And for all you lolitas out there, don't forget about Baby, the Stars Bright's Snow White print JSK, in delicious apple-red, of course.
BTSSB Snow White JSK
And don't forget to pick up the following Snow White novels at your local bookstore, to read all about the different incarnations of Snow White and her prince. My personal recommendation is Snow: A Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by Tracy Lynn, which is a phenomenal re-imagining of the tale in which a penniless Snow White (named Jessica) finds herself in the company of "The Lonely Ones," or the dwarves, who are actually bizarre human/animal hybrids who roam the streets of London as thieves. 

Snow by Tracy Lynn
Also on my list of retellings to check out is Snow In Summer: The Tale of an American Snow White by Jane Yolen, and Disney's Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen by Serena Valentino, which is told from the evil queen's perspective from the Disney film. Which Snow White stories or retellings are your favorite? Which pieces of clothing would you put together to create your own Snow White ensemble? Are you looking forward to seeing either versions of the Snow White films this year?

Snow In Summer by Jane Yolen
Fairest of All by Serena Valentino
Watch the Trailer!


  1. I seriously can't wait to see this movie *Q* It looks gorgeous and everyone looks amazing visually as well as their acting!!!

    Mirror, Mirror was beautiful, not much for the story, but I'm fine with settling for the inspirations from the aesthetics! xD

    1. Yes, we will definitely need to see it! I might rent Mirror Mirror when it comes out, but it looked pretty silly from the trailers. I did love the costumes, from what I saw though :)


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