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Novel Fashion >> Get the "Bliss Cavendar" Look

Derby Girl by Shauna Cross
"I have mod fashion envy from their uniforms alone." Derby Girl

The Derby Girl Look
Bliss Cavendar is an outcast among the teased-hair and perfectly dressed beauty queens of Bodeen, Texas. Her style is a bit... eclectic, and includes Indie band shirts, Chuck Taylors, purple Mary-Janes, and of course a Slayer t-shirt (because it's, ya know, ironic) and dyed blue hair. So she feels right at home when she stumbles upon the down and derby punk rock style of Roller Derby fashion, which doesn't conform to any social standards and runs the gamut from mod-tastic flight attendant uniforms to sexyfied Catholic school girl outfits, with anything and everything in between.

Jaime "Bettie Rage"
Romper: Tatyana
Thigh Highs: Torrid
Gloves & Sunglasses: F21
Guards & Skates: Roller Derby

Not all roller derby leagues feature themed costumes like in the book, but a lot of them do. An important thing to remember when constructing your roller derby outfit is to keep an open mind and don't be afraid of trying out unusual fashion pieces! A typical roller derby girl might wear a miniskirt or booty shorts, tank tops,    crop tops, bra tops, thigh highs or knee highs (often with fishnet stockings underneath), and of course body guards and four-wheel skates. Often times league members will sport vintage pinup style clothing, which I am a colossal fan of and which is very flattering to almost any body type. Get creative and go wild! Roller derby style is about freedom to break the rules and work with what you have. For purposes of fashion, you can also create a crazy or vintage hairstyle, but this may be crushed by a helmet during a bout, so I would only recommend this if you are wearing your outfit for the aesthetics and not for practicality!

Christine "De la Maim"
Hat: New Era
Jacket & Shorts: Love Culture
Garters: Frederick's of Hollywood
Fishnets: Leg Avenue
Black Thigh Highs: eBay
Shoes: Bodyline

I am very fortunate to have a gaggle of friends who are as into fashion and fun as I am, and who were willing at the drop of a hat to dress up in their own interpretations of roller derby girls for a quick photo shoot! I was joined by a few fellow San Diego Lolitas: the always stunning Brooke, the ever stylish Christine of Christine de la Creme, the perpetually cute queen of crochet Princess of Chasing the Frill, and ultra fun photographer Karena. Everyone arrived to the meet with spot-on perfect outfits that would make even Bliss fashion envious and have a... how did she describe it? Fashion-gasm, that was the word. The girls were dolled up and ready for their closeups using pieces they assembled from their closets, which I hope will inspire you to create your own unique look!

Brooke "Cherry Bomb"
Arm Warmers: Shanalogic
Thigh Highs: Leg Avenue
Boots: Dollhouse

There are a variety of places you can purchase your own roller derby pieces from, as you can see from these outfit breakdowns. Leg Avenue is one of the most popular brands for unusual, sexy, and costume-y stockings, and can be found at most specialty clothing stores or costume shops. Bodyline is another great site for lolita, punk, and inexpensive accessories and shoes straight from the streets of Japan. You can also find many workable pieces of clothing from stores like Forever21 or Papaya. I am a personal fan of Bettie Page Clothing for my vintage inspired outfits, and they offer a wide selection of separates that would work exceptionally well for your roller derby look. So throw on some fishnets and lace up those skates, let's bring this fashion bout to the track!

Princess "My Little Groaning"
Tank Top: Miyavi Neo Tokyo Samurai Black World Tour
Bloomers, Tights & Shoes: Bodyline
Thigh Highs: Metamorphose

"If you have the chance, you should see it for the fashion-gasm alone." Derby Girl

Next week's Novel Fashion will feature steampunk/Victorian outfits inspired by the book, Masque of the Red Death. If you would like me to feature your photos on the post, feel free to email me at

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