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Novel Fashion >> Get the "Queen Levana" Look

"Kai bristled at the sight of the Lunar Queen, her head and shoulders draped in an ornate cream-colored veil, like a perpetual bride. All that could be seen beneath the shroud was a hint of long dark hair and the ghost of her features." Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)

The Queen Levana Look
The feared and equally adored queen of the Lunars from Marissa Meyer's novel Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) is renowned all throughout both her kingdom, and the kingdoms of Earth, for her unsurpassed beauty. There is some speculation, however, that this gift is also a lie, for the Lunars have the unique ability to manipulate how other's perceive them, thereby allowing Queen Levana the power to control her own appearance, or at least how other's see her. Now that's a power that could come in handy in certain situations, like robbing a bank, or running for office...perhaps winning a pageant for Miss Intergalactic Beauty?

Alexander McQueen Veil
Of course, this power does have its drawbacks, as it only manipulates organic lifeforms, therefore rendering her powerless during netscreen transmissions to Earth. As a result, she always covers her face in a veil during video messages so as not to show her true self to people she can't control. This is an interesting concept Meyer has included in her novel, the belief that perceived beauty has the power to control the minds of millions of people, and how this external image does not always reflect the true nature of its host. Never was there a truer statement than this.

Now I know all of you out there are beautiful and in no need of false glamours to make an impression, so let's just play up what we already have, no? Here's the Queen Levana coordinate! I really wanted to use items I felt were very different and had a sort of science-fictiony feel to them. After all, we are working with the Queen of the moon, so this look should be out of this world! I especially love the dress in this look, with it's flowing chiffon material and flattering neckline, and the color is quite simply stunning. The shoes I used were an interesting find, not something I would normally pick up but I felt like it really added to that bizarre extraterrestrial look I was aiming for. Finally, don't forget the accessories: dark metallic eyeshadow, crazy jewelry, and Queen Levana's signature veil. What do you think?

Countess Wig in Black from Gothic Lolita Wigs
As an added bonus, here's a supremely awesome wig I feel would tie the whole outfit together! I absolutely adore the wigs created over at Gothic Lolita Wigs, and I feel this one in particular from their Countess Collection really adds an extra otherworldy element, wouldn't you say? I for one would love to see how this wig would look with an elegant veil thrown over it, and am seriously considering a purchase here just to make that happen. So why not hop in your vehicle of choice (might I suggest a pumpkin-colored car-carriage?) and start searching the stars for your own Cinder looks! Perhaps you'd like to recreate a Queen Levana look for yourself, or maybe an elegant ballgown that would capture the eyes and heart of Prince Kai?

"The explanation told by the Lunars was that their queen's beauty was a gift not to be seen by undeserving Earthens, but Kai had heard that in reality the queen's glamour...could not translate over the netscreens, therefore she never allowed herself to be seen over them." Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)

Next week's Novel Fashion will feature derby girl outfits inspired by the book, Derby Girl, which was the basis for the film "Whip It!" If you would like me to feature your photos on the post, feel free to email me at :D

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