Saturday, May 5, 2012

Novel Fashion >> Get the "Cordelia Fenner" Look

"'How about we pull your hair into a severe bun and pin it with a flower,' Katelyn offered. 'Dark eyes and red lips- you could be a Spanish senorita.'" Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles #1)

The Cordelia Fenner Look
When Katelyn McBride is asked to Trick's Halloween party after she moves to Wolf Springs, she is completely at a loss for what to wear. Her new friend and fellow history project partner, Cordelia Fenner, opt to make a trip to the local fashion boutique, Babette's Vintage. Babette's tiny shop features aisle upon aisle of vintage clothing pieces from various time periods, and is the one stop shop for the residents of Wolf Springs to find trendy or unique clothing. Katelyn purchases her first party dress from this shop, a shimmery floral number with a cream belt.

Cordelia purchases a sexy vampire costume to wear, but is horrified to find that her cousin had smeared chocolate all over it while she was out! So the girls do what anyone else would do in this situation: start taking apart the closet to piece together a new costume! Pulling out a long sleeveless black dress, Katelyn suggests that Cordelia go as a sexy senorita, while Katelyn herself creates a Greek goddess costume complete with toga, gold chords, and a pair of very high gold heels.

Cordelia is the type of gal who would just happen to have an expensive and amazingly designed LBD just chillin' in her closet, a dress I suspect would look very similar to this one from White House Black Market. I am completely in love with this dress! It's so unbelievably gorgeous, and features removable straps, a boned corset, super sexy high-low skirt contrast, and would you believe it even has pockets? Somehow, someway, this dress will be mine...oh yes, it will be mine. To offset the black of the dress, I've paired it with an assortment of bright red accessories, and topped off the look with very dark eyeshadow and red lipstick. What do you think?

Christian Dior
If you choose to create Katelyn's Greek goddess costume, might I suggest Christian Dior's stunning gold strappy sandals? At only $990, they're quite a steal, wouldn't you say? And if your wallet doesn't stretch quite as far as the dark side of the moon, you can find gold strappy sandals from most clothing stores, including Forever21, saving you $970 to buy 53 new YA books! Now that sounds more like it! So go out there and show me your best Wolf Springs Chronicles look, whether it's a costume for Trick's Halloween party, a sexy number one of Cordelia's crazy sisters might sport, or something Katelyn imagined the residents of a back water country to wear.

"Her mind filled with images of girls in cutoff denim shorts and guys in overalls, twirling pieces of straw in their mouths." Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles #1)

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